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Eat your way around York’s Chocolate Story

York’s Chocolate Story is a fantastic day out located in the centre of the historic city of York. The guided tour is interesting, interactive and tasty – perfect for the little ones.

“As an avid chocolate-eater, York’s Chocolate Story was a great day out! Emma, our tour guide, was engaging and funny. She made learning the history chocolate a true adventure, venturing back to the Aztec era and trying their spicy hot chocolate drink. The tour is packed full of tasting and sampling before finishing by making your own lollipop!”Ellie, Yorkshire's Best Adventures

What York’s Chocolate Story says:

While other Northern cities were built on wool, steel and cotton, York made its wealth from a much tastier product – Chocolate!

York’s rich chocolate past dates back to the 18th Century when Quaker families traded and sold products made from cocoa beans.

Over the next 300 years, York’s chocolate industry boomed. As a city, York is perfectly positioned for chocolate making, with the river carrying the all-important ingredients and the railways sending out the finished goods. The Craven, Terry and Rowntree families all set up base here, making York a world-leader in the chocolate market.

At York’s Chocolate Story you can delve into this legacy, unwrap the secret art of chocolate making and even try your own hand at some chocolate creating!

Our fully guided tour will take you over three floors of interactive exhibits, allowing you to discover York’s chocolate past, present and future. Firstly, you can see how the humble cocoa bean becomes a delicious bar of chocolate. Next, you’ll go on a journey through the history of iconic brands, factory life and the people of York. Then it’s time for you to try your hand at chocolate-making, before the true chocolatiers show you how it’s done. Don’t worry – you still get to sample their hard work and learn how to taste like an expert!

To celebrate the 250th anniversary of Terry’s chocolate company, we are running a guided city walk experience. Every Thursday and Sunday, our brilliant guides will take you around the sites and buildings that inspired the creators of such iconic products as All Gold, Pyramint and, of course, Terry’s Chocolate Orange!

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