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Take a walking photography tour

Pick up new skills and get fitter on a walking photography tour led by award-winning photographer Rich Bunce.

“Both of us like to think we’re quite handy with a camera – or we did until we went on a photography walk around Ilkley with Rich. We soon discovered a host of tips and tricks to help us take pictures that were miles better on the way. Being with a group of like-minded individuals also made for a great day as we were able to share our experiences and compare pictures, the results of which speak for themselves.”James & Lyndsey, Yorkshire's Best Adventures

What Walking Photographer Tours say:

Combine a love of the outdoors and a love of photography all in one go with Walking Photographer Tours.

The Walking Photographer is Rich Bunce, an award-winning, freelance photographer for more than 10 years. Rich has learnt his skills working for a number of clients, including M&S and Coca Cola, while his work has been published in a wide range of newspapers, magazines and websites.

Now he’s offering the wealth of his experience to you – with courses that are open to all skills and, crucially, all types of camera, from iPhones to high-end DSLRs.

The tours on offer are great for the mind body and soul, allowing participants to pick up new skills and meet like-minded people, all while getting fitter with a gentle walk around Ilkley or in the Yorkshire Dales.

Participants will help you to:

• Challenge your creativity by learning new camera and photography techniques
• Understand your camera and all its settings
• Learn to read and interpret your surroundings in a new, exciting and creative way
• Experience the joys of getting creative outdoors in the some of the county’s most inspiring locations.

The great thing about walking photography is that it can encompass as many skills and techniques as you wish. So whether you’re into landscape, portrait, street, abstract, wildlife or just want to take better photos on holidays, photo walks will develop and hone the skills relevant to your interests.

Rich’s awards include Winner of Sheffield Photographic Open 2012, Renaissance Photography Awards 2012 finalist, Lumen Digital Arts Prize 2012 finalist and shortlisted for the Vantage Art Prize 2013. He has also just been shortlisted for International Garden Photographer of the Year.

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