About Yorkshire’s Best Adventures

Yorkshire’s Best Adventures is a hand-picked collection of the best adventures, experiences and things to do in Yorkshire.

Our team has hunted out a collection of fun, quirky, hair-raising, adrenalin-pumping, relaxing, and motivating experiences in Yorkshire. We bring you Yorkshire adventures and experiences in its national parks, vibrant cities, rolling countryside and quaint villages.

Our collection of adventures are the best of the bunch. We know what makes a great adventure and if the experience and the service levels of the company behind the experience are at the top of their game and get us excited when we test-run them, then they make the grade.

We also have a trade arm, providing small-scale tours for international visitors. Yorkshire’s Best Adventures Tours provides a selection of experiential, luxury bespoke tours of Yorkshire – England’s largest and most historic county.

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Meet the team

I’m LYNDSEY THOMAS, also known as blogger Girl About Yorkshire.

In 2015, after 17 years in London’s rat race, I relocated back to Yorkshire and I’ve settled happily in Menston.

I forged an exciting career in the tourism industry down south – my role in tourism marketing and media relations saw me working on behalf of some of the world’s leading adventure tourism brands and travelling to many parts of the world.

I’m an adventure travel junkie – give me a mountain to climb over a sun bed to sit on any day. My year-long backpacking adventure around the world in 2008 saw me swim with sharks in Belize, learn to play polo in Argentina and white water raft in the Amazon.

Returning to Yorkshire permanently has given me the opportunity to draw many a parallel between Yorkshire and the adventure tourism destinations I have worked for throughout my career.

Kayaking, wakeboarding, boom trike tours, sky-diving, racing, gliding, husky riding and even llama trekking – Yorkshire is packed with so many adventures and outdoor pursuits but there was nowhere, until now, dedicated to featuring all these awesome activities.

I’m JAMES ELLIS – a travel, health and features journalist; I’ve been writing for the top UK national newspapers for more than 15 years.

I was born in Yorkshire but gained a love of travel and adventure when my mum pre-empted Shirley Valentine by divorcing dad, buying a car and caravan and driving myself and my sister down to Greece.

After a long career on travel desks at papers such as Metro, The Sun, The Times and The Express where I moved in the same circles as Lyndsey, I too relocated back to Yorkshire, and by complete coincidence, I now live just down the road in Pool in Wharfedale.

My travels have taken me to more than 80 countries where I’ve embarked on some pretty awesome adventures including climbing the Grouse Grind in Vancouver, flying fighter planes in Arizona, scaling mountains in Malaysia, diving with Great Whites in South Africa and running the historic 153-mile Spartathlon ultramarathon in Greece.

I’m also a qualified personal trainer, running coach and budding nutrition therapist.

My life loves, outside the family, include the great outdoors, long-distance running, an adrenalin-pumping adventure, health and fitness and a unique story angle – and there’s no better place for all of these than in right here in Yorkshire.